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Don’t Fall Victim to Common Holiday Perils

Advice to help you avoid holiday hazardsIf you are like most people, the busy end-of-year holidays are likely the busiest time of the year. What with the decorating, baking, gift-giving, festivities, and even travel, it is often impossible to do all that we need to do, Even so, we must remember to think, prepare and act to minimize holiday risks that can turn celebration into tragedy.

How Can You Prevent Common Holiday Hazards?

Check out “Hazard Free Holidays” from The article covers 7 preventable perils that might occur in the home (from slips and falls to holiday cooking and home decorating), outdoors (such as outdoor fires and sledding accidents) and also addresses heart attack prevention.. This timely article offer stats and tips gleaned from the NSC , NFPA , MADD and CPSC  helping you to enjoy a happy, safe holiday season.

Home & Auto Insurance Tip

If you want the peace of mind to enjoy your holidays, don’t forget the importance of your auto and home insurance protection. As the year closes, it is a good time to check with your insurance agent to be sure your insurance coverage still meets all your needs. The time to be sure that you are covered is well before you have to file a claim.

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