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Rethinking Your Holiday Gifting

Rethink your holiday gift giving -- give meaningful experiences instead of things.Most of us complain about shopping – whether it’s the crowds in the mall or the shipping when shopping online. But, even if you really enjoy the shopping that goes along with holiday gift giving, you might have occasionally wondered if your gifts are really appreciated. Did your mother-in-law re-gift or exchange the Panini maker you visited three stores to find? Did you ever see Uncle George wear the reindeer tie you gave him last year? Might it be time to try a different approach to gifting this year?

Give Experiences… Not Things

Consider giving an Experience. One that will let your recipient make meaningful memories of their own. You set the budget. Your gifts might include a shopping spree at that new craft emporium downtown, lunch and admission to a museum, night at the theater, tickets for a sporting event, a certificate for a day at the spa, a voucher for an amusement park… you get the idea.

Giving Experiences: The Benefits

The obvious benefit: You get to reclaim all those hours you’d spend in busy shopping malls. But it doesn’t end there…

New Lifestyles Value Experience Over Things

People today are trending toward a simpler and less expensive lifestyle. This often means smaller living spaces with sparser belongings – valuing experiences over “things”. Thus, those gifts you bought and wrapped could soon be relegated to storage or into the next garage sale even by the most well-meaning recipients.

Building Bonds With Those Memories

Each time your recipient remembers the experience that you made possible, they’ll also think of you even if the gift does not include you directly. It builds stronger bonds between you and your loved ones.

Avoid the Hassle of Wrapping

Most experiential gifts come in the form of tickets or gift cards or certificates, and they fit nicely in a greeting card. Not only is this easier for you, it is better for the environment.

Never a Need to Return or Exchange

Your gift will be unique with no chance to buy the wrong size, color or style. Duplication is very unlikely since – even if they have had the same experience before – they’ll still enjoy doing it again with your gift.

Life Insurance Tip

Life Insurance has been called the gift of Love. Perhaps the most significant gift you can offer to your family is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the family will be financially safe, no matter what happens. It can be a powerful experience.

Here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency, our agents are always ready to answer all your life insurance questions and to help you decide among the many policy options available.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


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