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The New Year is What You Make of It

happy new year 2015How good are you at making your New Year’s resolutions stick? Even if you are not in the 22-24% of American adults whose resolutions survive at least six months, you might be pleased to learn that statistics are on your side since those who make explicit resolutions are ten times more likely to achieve goals in life than are those who do not (according to

If you have not had quite the success you’d have liked during previous years, then perhaps the following tips and tools from the experts might make 2015 a different year for you.

Take it Easy on Yourself, in their article “Seven Tips to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”, recommends “mini-resolutions” – taking small bites of a big goal to assure success. And, if you’re a person who responds better to penalties than rewards, they suggest a unique automated disincentive that you won’t want to ignore.

Clearly Visualize Your Resolutions in 2015

International Business Times offers an unforgettable way to visualize your goals with a Vision Board in their “5 Tips To Make Lasting Changes In 2014”.

Limit Your Resolutions to the Best Two

In their “9 Ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions”, advises not to make “cheap resolutions” but to focus on only one or two goals that you really want to reach and forget about what other people want you to accomplish. They also offer a very sound suggestion for automating your efforts, and they offer some valuable examples to get you started.

Insurance Tip:  Don't Guess at Your Coverage

No matter what you resolve to change in 2014, the start of this new year is just the right time to sit down with your insurance agent to review your policies and discuss any new insurance needs. Whether it is auto, home, life or business insurance, knowing that you have the best coverage in place to meet your needs gives you the peace of mind you need to pursue all other resolutions.

Here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency, our agents are more than happy to help you decide which insurance options best meet your needs so you can make the right decisions. Why not arrange a policy review or contact our office at your convenience?

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