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Is $865 too High a Price for Love?

From everyone here in Crofton, MD, at the Mader Insurance Agency… Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day coming up quickly, you ae probably thinking of candy, flowers and other gifts for that special person in your life. Despite the fact that critics of Valentine’s Day call it a marketing ploy of the greeting card industry, tells us that the National Retail Federation estimated an average expense of $133.91 per person for Valentine's Day 2014, and the trend goes up from there.

Valentine perfumeWhen it comes to a gift expressing love, is perfume your choice? How about "No. 1" perfume for women by Clive Christian? Offering notes of pineapple and plum, it comes to you in a gold-crowned bottle priced at $865 for 1.6-ounces. Sound expensive? It’s actually a bargain when compared to limited edition “Imperial Majesty” – also from Clive Christian, delivered in a diamond encrusted handmade bottle of Baccarat crystal priced at $215,000 and declared as the "world's most expensive perfume" by Guinness World Records.

But if fragrance does not suit your fancy and money is no object, then you might wish to invest your fortune in one of these other outrageously expensive gifts:

  • Is chocolate your weakness? If so, you’ll never forget the La Madeline au Truffe from Connecticut chocolatier, Knipschildt. From the way it is made to the way it is packaged, it is hailed as the most expensive chocolate in the world with a pound of this delicacy selling for $2600.
  • Would it really be Valentine’s Day without flowers? If price is not an issue, then perhaps the Juliet Rose is for you. It is often called the "£3 million rose" (or 5 million U.S. dollars) since that is what rose breeder, David Austin, spent in the 15 years it took him to create the rose. However, these days a dozen of these unique roses can be yours for $300 or less.
  • Perhaps a one of a kind greeting card would be the best gift of all. Your own couture Valentine’s card, hand made by Gilded Age GreetingsGilded Age Greetings is just what you seek. The cost? A mere $3500! You won’t believe it until you see it.

If you are just not impressed by fragrance, flowers and food, then perhaps the Solid Gold Superstar is more to your liking. This iPhone is embellished with 200 grams of solid 18k gold. It is delivered in a unique Cherry Oak Finished Box including the usual accessories. It is SIM free and factory unlocked to ALL networks and priced at just under $58,000. If that is not special enough for you, then perhaps you’d opt for the Solid Gold Superstar ICE, encrusted with 364 diamonds (5.5 carats in total) for the upgrade price of about $82,000.

Homeowners Insurance Tip

It is likely that these outrageous gifts are not what your budget calls for, and you’ll be looking at more moderately priced gifts. Even so, if your Valentine’s Day will include jewelry or some other expensive gift, then don’t forget to protect it. The Insurance Information Institute warns us that jewelry losses are among the most frequent of all home insurance content-related insurance claims. You’ll want to take a moment to visit their website where you can learn the four relatively simple steps needed to ensure adequate protection for jewelry and other expensive gifts.

Our experienced agents here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency are always glad to help you with your insurance needs.  So feel free to contact us to discuss insurance coverage anytime or perhaps request an insurance quote right here on our website.  We look forward to being of service when you need us.


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