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Shaping Up Your Attic and Making it Safe

In this issue, our Summertime Homeowners Maintenance Series focuses on your attic  where small problems can sometimes become big problems for your home.  Follow these tips  for a safe and healthy attic…

home-projectsFind those unwanted openings...

Occasionally, animals like squirrels, birds, chipmunks and others will find their way into your attic through small openings, and these must be sealed to prevent further damage.  Sometimes such openings can be difficult to find; so, even if you cannot find such openings,it's best to search the attic area for any animal nests in case any critters have already made your attic their home.

Examine the attic insulation...

Be sure that the insulation in your attic is sufficient to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not sure how much you should have? Just  check the guidelines at And be sure to check for even coverage so that there are no bare spots in your insulation.  Lastly, check to be sure that the insulation is not obstructing attic vents.

Look for moisture and leaks...

Typically, if you smell mustiness and mildew when you enter the attic, you have a moisture and/or mildew problem.  Look, in particular, forr green algae or black mold; and, if found, kill it completely using a bleach/water solution. Reminder:  Don't assume that you got it all!  Even if you thoroughly clean away the mold, you will want to check back periodically to assure that it was completely eradicated and does not regrow.

Important Fire Safety Advice...

Even if your attic appears to be free of outside breaches by animals and from moisture damage, be sure to inspect any electrical wiring and connections for wear, exposed wires and/or other damage; and, if found, call an electrician to do a thorough inspection and repair as soon as possible.  FEMA reports that approximately 10,000 residential attic fires are reported each year, resulting in some 30 deaths, 125 injuries and $477 million dollars in property damage, with one-third of these fires spreading to involve the entire structure.  The leading cause, according to FEMA, is electrical malfunction (about 43%); and the most common heat source for these attic fires is electrical arcing.

Here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency in Crofton, MD, we know that you will want to be sure that your home is properly insured for fire damage and related injuries.  Why not contact your insurance agent for an up-to-date assessment of your current homeowners policy to be sure you have the coverage you need at the best rate available?


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