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mader-floodEven if you don’t live near water, flooding can still cause significant – even devastating – damage to your home and property.  Many people believe your homeowners insurance covers such damage, but that is not so.  You need separate insurance to protect against a flood.  Here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency in Crofton, Maryland (Anne Arundel County), we know the guidelines and we can help you build the right flood insurance policy for your situation, whether you live in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Delaware (DE), West Virginia (WV), Pennsylvania (PA) or Washington, DC.


Should Everyone Have Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is available to you whether you are a homeowner or a renter, and it will protect you from losses incurred by flood damage to your home and belongings.  In fact, if you own a home located in a designated flood zone and you have a mortgage, your bank might require you to carry a flood insurance policy.  Standard homeowners, condo and renters insurance does not cover flooding. Even if you do not live in a designated flood zone, you should consider securing a flood insurance policy if your home and possessions are at risk when melting snow, overflowing creeks, ponds, etc. cause periodic flooding.


When and Where Does One Purchase Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is available through our agency, from a few private insurers as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

You should plan to purchase your flood insurance policy well before flooding danger exists.  There is at least a 30-day waiting period from the time you purchase the policy to the date it is effective. 


What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance covers all types of houses, apartments and condos.  It will replace the structure of your home to what it was before the flood damage.  It will also pay for your possessions at a depreciated amount. If you are renting your home, you will be covered for possessions only. 

If you own a home or condo that has been improved with a furnished, finished basement, those improvements are not covered by the NFIP  (flood) policy.  However, appliances and fixtures typically found in an unfinished basement will usually be covered.

If you are a victim of a flood and your area is declared a major disaster by the President, then federal aid could be available. 


Don’t wait until the water starts to rise.  Get the details now.  Learn more  about FEMA and NFIP or speak with one of our capable agents, experienced in the options and coverage choices of flood insurance who can help you get the answers you need to create just the right flood insurance policy for your needs.  Just contact us today here at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency in Crofton, MD (Anne Arundel County) to discuss how we can help or to get a free quote.


The scope of your insurance coverage and options depend entirely upon the policy and the insurance company providing it.  This website is not intended to advise, offer or bind coverage.  You should always discuss your insurance issues with professionals such as a licensed and qualified insurance agent like those here in Crofton, MD, at the Craig Mader Insurance Agency before making any decisions or choosing a course of action. 


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